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Team and personnel development

  • Reconstitution of teams
  • Realignment of existing teams
  • Accompaniment of teams in challenging situations
  • Individual occasion-related and on-topic workshops
  • Advancement of individuals and teams

Functioning communication, orientation, clear guidelines and free space for innovation, actions and thoughts guided towards results – keywords describing the work of successful teams. In small, just like in big corporations.

Against this background, team and personnel development functions best when it is proactive; when you would like to further and challenge the most valuable resource in your corporation, your personnel.

During organizational development and change management processes, the professional accompaniment of whole teams and individual groups is an indispensable back-up measure. In phases of uncertainty, the trust of employees can thus be strengthened, fears and conflicts stemming from a lack of orientation can be prevented .

Prangl Jazz Consulting will accompany you during the preparation and execution of these processes – from moderation of focus groups to seminars and training in ongoing personnel development programs. Output-driven, always in touch with the reality of corporations, projects designed and executed on the spot. With a variety of methods, based on systemic models and models of group dynamics, as well as latest knowledge from brain research.

What Prangl Jazz Consulting offers for your team and personnel development

Theme-centered training

  • NEW: Self-confident manner for engineers. Customer-oriented behavior in negotiations and project meetings
  • NEW: Orientation with heart and mind. Counselling in occupational routine
  • Communication with customers and suppliers
  • De-escalation in communication with customers and suppliers

Psychosocial (executive) training

  • NEW: Strength in calmness. How introvert employees reach their goals
  • NEW: Prime-age workers. Looking back and perspectives for the future
  • Healthy guidance. The basics of salutogenetic leadership
  • Stress at the workplace. Opportunities and challenges from a neurobiological perspective
  • Working at the breaking point. Dealing with the threat of burnout for oneself and for others
  • Recognize – address – act – (re-)integrate. Dealing with psychosocial issues of employees

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