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Executive development

  • Fundamental concepts for executive development
  • Specialized concepts
  • Individual seminar-concepts

Leadership requires special competences: A high level of communicative skills and the willingness to self-reflection. Discretionary competence, expert knowledge, and ability to delegate responsibility. To motivate, to recognize and solve conflicts, a concern for teamwork, systemic thinking, and time management.

Recognizing the responsibility of leadership. Prangl Jazz Consulting offers a wide range of programs, especially tailored to executives and their support in their responsible task. The formats examine the different levels of leadership and strategies to further professionalize your culture of guidance. They are based on up-to-date methods of leadership and management, as well as hand-on experience as a former executive.

What Prangl Jazz Consulting offers for executives

Executive curricula

  • New conceptions of curricula for level 1 and 2 executives (8 days)
  • Short-curricula for level 3 or non-disciplinary executives

In-depth executive trainings

  • Leading target-oriented employee dialogues
  • Leading without superior function. Training for people with temporary leadership responsibility.
  • Leading in change processes
  • Leading teams and groups
  • Self-confident manner in difficult management dialogues
  • Conflict management within projects
  • How can I improve my self-perception? Self-reflection for executives

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Team and personnel development
Corporate development